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We strive to pass on China’s fine pastry culture, with all our hearts baking our cakes
and pastries to perfection, giving our customers the best flavors andhigh-quality
enjoyment. This is the management principle that Vigor Kobo has insisted on since
its establishment. Vigor’s baking R&D is always based on the spirit of innovatively developing
traditional fine cakes and pastries. After years of down to earth operation, in the hearts of
customers Vigor’s fine cakes and pastries are now synonymous with the highest quality cakes
and pastries in Taiwan. Vigor’s insistence and diligence has not only been rewarded with numerous
major food industry awards and countless positive media reports, it has also led to Vigor winning
wide praise in the Chinese world and made Vigor Kobo Taiwan’s No. 1 cake and pastry gift

Continuing to produce high quality delicious pastries, achieving
long-term customer satisfaction and brand value!

This is the management principle that Vigor Kobo has insisted on since its establishment. Our fine cakes and
pastries have won the affirmation of winning numerous food competition awards and quality certifications,
and our world-famous pineapple cakes won the Most Popular Pineapple Cake 1st Prize, voted for by the
public, in a competition held by Taipei City Government. Also, our Red-in-green mini-cake, Pineapple mini-cake,
Chestnut mini-cake, Black stick mini-cake, Milk sun cake, and other fine products are loved by people
throughout the Chinese world, and beyond.
As a member of the Taiwan cake and pastry industry, Vigor Kobo often assists with the promotion of the development of the Taiwan tourism industry, participating in domestic travel exhibitions and accepting media interviews, and has successfully established a good reputation at home and overseas.
Not only this, our shops have also become must visit places for tourist groups from Singapore, Taiwan and China when visiting Taiwan. It can be fairly said that Vigor Kobo is the most respected fine cake and pastry brand in Taiwan.

Insisting on “good quality, the best ingredients, delicious taste” products and exquisitepackaging, the pursuit of perfection has made us a model in the traditional cake and pastry business and this is also the unshakable foundation stone of our sustainable operation.
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